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First day of Trip 2014

After nearly 24 hours of travelling we finally arrived at our destination. It was a total relief – the second flight from Mumbai seemed to take forever and it was riddled with turbulence but after some (temporarily) lost baggage and an amazing new motorway it all seemed to wrap up perfectly. Which says a lot for the first day here…

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Booster classes

Asha supports over 85 children each day with booster classes. In Sri Lanka the school curriculum cannot be covered in detail during the school day, so many children and young people attend extra classes.  However if you‘re from a poor family you just can’t afford these. Many of the children we have supported have been the first in their family ever to pass exams.

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Nishanthi’s salon

We were thrilled to hear that Nishanthi, who was in the first group of students doing the hair and beauty course is nearly ready to open her own purpose built salon in the area.  We eagerly went to see it and although the salon is small it is very well built and will be a nice place to work in.  Nishanthi…

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