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School holidays at the centre

As has been mentioned on our Facebook page, the first two weeks of August were busy at the Asha Centre. It was the school holidays but we decided to remain open for children and young people in the area so that they were take part in our first ever holiday programme. The two week programme focussed on inclusive activities for…

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Weekday support in Athidiya

Weekday support for those with disabilities was officially launched at the centre in Athidiya today. For over 2 years, teachers from the RCCI special school have been providing educational support to those with disabilities at the centre on a Saturday.  Now finally, we can offer support in the week to those who do not go to school. Initially this is for...
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Supporting the most vulnerable

We’ve had some great sessions for those with disabilities.  The teachers at the RCCI come up with new ideas each week on how to teach and support the children and young people who attend. From making kites to playing hopscotch, each activity is a tool for learning.  For example, by playing hopscotch, the children can improve their physical mobility and…

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