The Asha Centre has closed again and our food parcel distribution continues…

May 27, 2021

Unfortunately since our last update, the situation has worsened in Sri Lanka.  We opened for two days after the April holidays and then had to close due to increased transmission rates of COVID-19 and revised government regulations.

The situation is getting more difficult in Sri Lanka as the days go by.  COVID cases continue to rise at a rate much higher than before and a national lockdown is in place until the 7th June.  On the 25th May there was a 19 hour break to allow people to stock up on food and essentials.  We planned a food parcel distribution on this day as we were aware that families in Badowita were really struggling.

The day before, the public were informed to go out on foot and not use vehicles – impossible with long journeys and 97 food parcels to get to the centre.  Luckily the team were able to use vehicles and made it to the centre safely.  Once at the centre, it was clear to the team once again how important this support is – families were really grateful and happy to see us. 

This was our 31st distribution since March 2020 – it’s been a challenge for the community for such a long time and we will continue to support as much as we can. 

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