New timetable at the Afterschool Club

February 22, 2018



Since January, as many of you will know, we have been implementing a new timetable at the After School Club and gradually introducing new activities.  Prior to starting the new timetable, we held a parents meeting in order to consult with parents as well as a discussion with the children and young people about the proposed changes.  With the new timetable now up and running, here’s an update on what we have been up to!

Academic work remains a clear focus.  Parents and children have expressed a wish for this still to continue and we of course want to continue to promote and support the important of a good education for all those who attend the centre. However, we have also introduced a daily warm up aerobic session to promote one of our goals – a happy and healthy lifestyle – as well as an hour of something different every day.  This month, activities have focussed on getting to know yourself and improving self-esteem.  Though group and art activities the children have found out about each other as well as themselves.  Group discussions and games have increased confidence and awareness and art activities have given an outlet for creativity, as you can see from the photos!  As mentioned previously, our Circle Time sessions have focussed on listening and we have also introduced Golden Time, a special time on a Friday where the children and young people can engage in an activity (within reason!) of their choosing.  Golden time links in with our positive reward system that encourages good behaviour at the centre and the teachers report that they are already seeing improvement in this area.

Our Saturday sessions are being developed as an inclusive activity day that promote independent skills such as cooking and sewing as well as sports.  The Theme Institute are also running Creative Therapy sessions on Saturdays every 2 months and we hope to bring in new partners to this session throughout the coming months.

Feedback so far has been positive with excellent engagement from the children and young people who access the centre. We will be conducting feedback sessions at the end of the first term and refining and adapting the timetable on an ongoing basis following consultation with all stake holders.



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