5 children and young people with disabilities start school this week!

January 24, 2018

We have come a long way since support for those with disabilities started in Badowita in 2011, when we discovered that many had never attended school and spent most of their time at home. Our educational sessions at the centre have brought many benefits including real learning opportunities, greater inclusion in the community and better medical and therapeutic support.  What a difference in the lives of these children and young people compared to 7 years ago!

This week 5 children and young people with disabilities living in Badowita started school at the RCCI.  They will attend 4 days a week from 8:30am – 3:30pm.  Asha Trust is funding their transport, teaching and resource costs.  Nishanthi, a woman living in Badowita with a physical disability is providing support on the journey and also working as a support teacher at the school.

These 5 children and young people will be able to benefit from greater resources and expertise at the school as well as support from visiting teachers who run specialist activities such as music and dancing.  They will also participate in a programme on Thursday afternoons where students of the RCCI use the facilities of a well-known International School in the area and spend time with the students there.

The 5 children and young people who started at the RCCI this year have not been able to access education outside the support provided at the centre.  Others with disabilities in Badowita have found places at mainstream schools and continue to receive other support at the centre.  Children and young people with disabilities in Badowita will continue to be included in activities at the centre.  In particular, our Saturday morning sessions will be fully inclusive and comprise of creative activities, life skills support and sporting activities. These will recommence in February so watch this space for further news!


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