Volunteers at the Asha Centre

November 17, 2015

WP_20151113_0045In the last couple of months, the Asha Centre in Badowita has been happy to have the support of some volunteers who have given up their time to offer their support and expertise to those who access the centre.

One of these people is Dilhara, who has an MSc in Applied Psychology and significant experience working in the field including as a lecturer. It is delight to have her join the team and share her knowledge and experience with us all.

As well as being involved in our peer support group and supporting Sister Concepta in working to empower young people in the community, she has also started a series of workshops with those who attend the afterschool classes. She works with two groups of students on a weekly basis. The aims of the groups are to empower children who are going through various social and emotional problems in their lives, so that they are able to identify the strengths in them and face the challenges they come across with the use of creative art techniques.

Dilhara has been involving the teaching staff in these workshops and her aim is also to do baseline research so that she can support these techniques being implemented into the usual teaching sessions.

Dilhara has also conducted some staff training looking at teaching techniques and learning methods. This has been warmly received by the staff team, who are keen to continuously develop their teaching knowledge.

As you can probably tell, Dilhara has already developed good relationships with the staff team and those who access the centre! Although she will be only be with us for 3 months, her plan is to leave a plan for further development that the team and other volunteers can follow up on in the future. As part of this, she will also come up with an analysis of the needs with regards to emotional well being in the area. Of course, we know that people in the area are in need of emotional support but all the evidence we have up to now has been anecdotal so it will be very useful to have some more solid evidence of need in this domain.

Thanks Dilhara for your energy and enthusiasm and willingness to share your expertise!

We would also like to thank Steve from the UK who spent time with us a few weeks ago seeing what is going on at the centre now and helping us plan for the future. It was great to have you with us Steve!

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