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August 04, 2014

Simran has expressed how we all feel about the work of the Asha Trust at the Centre and what we can achieve in a few days. However ┬áit was with great satisfaction that we were able complete several small projects on the last morning before ‘The Show’. Alison and Chris were gardening in their very fine hats, Simran, Scarlet and Amber finished painting the stairwell, Ian and myself made and mounted display boards for the children’s work and Ruth, Shyla and Mary were stencilling pictures on the walls. The whole place looks really bright and colourful.

Our last afternoon at the Centre started with an art exhibition and winners were chosen from each age group. This was followed by the traditional welcome and thanks where we were all invited to light the oil lamp which was decorated with chains of flowers. We were then treated to a feast of dancing and singing, around traditional themes, by all the children who attend the Centre. The staff had worked extremely hard with the children to give them the opportunity to show how creative and talented they are. Sister Concepta and Steve both spoke of the support for the work at the Centre and thanked everyone. At the end of the show it was cake and juice all round. This was my first time in Sri Lanka with the Trust, it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

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