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July 22, 2014

After catching up on sleep, and enjoying breakfast, we all ventured down to the Asha centre to plan for the volunteer work coming up through out the week.

The walk was about 20 minutes, we walked from the hotel to Atthidya where the centre is based. On the way (as well as many Tuk Tuk’s) we passed the canal -which I like to call ‘The black lake’ due to the fact it was exactly that. To say it smell good would be the worlds biggest understatement, The black lake is where all the muck and nastiness from the drain goes. This was the first of many eye opening experiences that morning. There were people, -including school children- and well as many stray dogs that lived and worked around the lake. What’s worse is that were no barriers around the lake and someone could have easily fallen in. Luckily we weren’t around to witness that!

The area was made up of mostly houses built with brick (although a few were metal boards) and a lot of trees. A lot green trees. It was beautiful.

Once we go to the centre Katherine and Mrs V – two very lovely women who showed us around the centre -which by the way is brilliant. We also met the children in the disabled group as joined in on the games they were playing. We then went to plan some of the volunteering activities we will be doing over the next two weeks, discussed what they would like in the centre and what we can provide them with, so far we’ve decided to make a notice board, paint the currently bare walls with painting and the children’ s school work, help out with the after school clubs, playing games that involve teaching English and work out in the garden.

After Juice, biscuits and saying goodbye to everyone some of us walked back to the hotel, whilst Scarlet, Omar and I rode in a Tuk Tuk! Less exciting for Omar, but Scarlet and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And we beat everyone else back for lunch! -The Sri Lankan equivalent of Greggs….

by Amber



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