Nishanthi’s salon

July 23, 2013

We were thrilled to hear that Nishanthi, who was in the first group of students doing the hair and beauty course is nearly ready to open her own purpose built salon in the area.  We eagerly went to see it and although the salon is small it is very well built and will be a nice place to work in.  Nishanthi has been earning a good income from ‘bridal dressing’ and with this income and a bank loan of Rs 50,000 she has been able to build and decorate a small building.  Nishanthi has been well-supported by her husband.  He has done a lot of the building work and has given what he can from his salary as a tuk tuk driver.  Now I don’t want to sound sexist or generalising about the men in Badowita but it is wonderful that he has been so supportive.  So often we hear stories about husbands not allowing certain things or causing problems in the home due to drug and alcohol abuse.  What a refreshing change!

Nishanthi now only needs to save a little more money so that she can purchase a chair, sink and carpet and then she is ready to open!  Maleena from the training academy has offered to give advice and support when she first opens. Nishanthi is also in touch with all those who trained with her and has become a bit of a ‘mother’ figure for the group.  They call her up if they need advice on the work they are doing from home and she hopes to employ a couple of them once her business is doing well!




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